IDK… really?

How often do you find yourself annoyed at “I don’t know” being the answer to a question? As some close to me know, I find it infuriating. I don’t know has never been able to be an answer for me. Does that mean I know everything? NO! but I will always make sure to find an answer. Let me give a very simple example. You see a coworker has their watch on them. You ask, “what time is it” they respond with “I don’t know” and keep going on with work. See how that may be frustrating or viewed as rude? We live in a world where we have the answer to almost every answer at our fingertips so WHY is the answer to everything I don’t know!! Just to be clear my issue is not with the phrase but the fact that as a society we are allowing ourselves to take things at face value. “Because I said so”, “that’s the way we have always done it”, and so on are in no way acceptable answers. We need to stop listening to respond and listen to either be educated or to educate. Stop following like sheep and use all of these wonderful technological advances to find answers. To go back to the “because I said so” bit, I guarantee I will use that phase to it’s full capacity once I have children. Although, is that the message I want to send my children? That will take time to answer, which is completely acceptable. There should be acceptable time limits to answering questions. As an adult educator if a student of mine asks a question I do not have the answer to, I will admit my ignorance, but will then give an appropriate time frame to where I will get the answer to the question at hand. Please let us all replace “I don’t know” with “good question let’s find out”.


See Something Say Something

See something say something. I’m not talking about the mass transit Public Service Announcement, but if you happen by a suitcase that sounds like it may belong to Flavor Flave, you should probably speak up. What I’m taking about is when you see someone in physical or mental distress. Do not ignore it and then post on Facebook how you did 22 push-ups for suicide prevention. No vet with a gun in their mouth cares how many pushups you can do. They most likely did more pushups while contemplating their demise than you ever will. I use the outrageous “22 for 22” as an example but we all know all too well how often we ignore even our closest friends and family. I have found the most powerful thing you can do is just say “I’m here when you are ready.” It doesn’t mean you have to understand what the person is going through or even know the person. Just taking that moment, look them in the eyes and say I’m here. This isn’t some shrink session this is a human reaching out to another human.

After working in the emergency services industry for the last 10 years I can honestly say not much clouds my conscious. At the end of every call no matter the outcome I did all I could do and I am at peace. The one thing that keeps me up at night, knowing I could have just said one sentence and made everything ok. I’m in no way saying good or great, but better.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing” -Theodore Roosevelt

The Patriotic Hippy

Since the day of my birth I was a patriot. Was it my choice? I can’t say. I come from a very long line of military aficionados. As I get older and experience more I have to question; am I really a patriot or am I just a hippy that likes guns? Growing up, hippies were bad people that loved drugs and questioning authority. Take the drugs away and it seems like these are people who stood up for what was right. They didn’t care about firing squads or hoses. They stood proud knowing what they were doing was right. I have always fought for the underdog and I always will. There is just something about helping your fellow man. Oh, I should warn you, I will not conform to gender neutral titles. I don’t care if I am called a “fireman” why? Because that is what the title is. However, that does not mean I am blind or unsympathetic to persons who have, will or wish to transition. Don’t you remember? I said I am a hippy. With that being said. I hope to share my thoughts, trials and tribulations and maybe some dry humor for all to enjoy.

A wise man once said: If you believe what you are doing to be true and in your heart just, let no man tell you otherwise, but get a good lawyer just in case. These are words I have lived by for years now. Although, I have never been able to afford to retain a lawyer. I did sleep with one once: note to self look into that.